About Us
Our Team Our History Our Future Our Guarantee.

We specialize in the design, production and distribution of metal plates Gift and Souvenir, of various genres and themes.
We develop meticulous marketing studies, from which all designs of the Ocean Plates boards are created. In addition, we strictly follow the entire manufacturing and distribution process.
We seek to offer continuous innovations, always with the best price / quality ratio possible.
We develop all our activities based on our main objective: to reach the maximum satisfaction of our customers and certified partners.

The Ocean Plates team consists of highly capable and constantly updated elements. We are ambitious, detailing and resilient. It is our common goal to be able to present you the best product on the market, at the best price. We are designers, managers, commercials, marketeers and consultants. We are available for you and your shopkeepers, supporting you in the choice of our models that will be most successful, according to location and type of point of sale and we are constantly developing tools that aim to boost your sales increase.

Birth of the project

1 October, 2015

We are taking the first steps towards the birth of what is now Ocean Plates. Meeting with the founding members, discussion of ideas and themes to be built.

First Models

15 October, 2015

First marketing studies were developed and, based on these same studies, the first models Ocean Plates – collection Souvenir Portugal & Capo Verde.

1ª Production

1 December, 2015

First models of the Souvenir Portugal collection are sent to industrial production.

Lisbon Headquarters Inauguration

1 February, 2016

Ocean Plates is inaugurated in Lisbon, Portugal.

Commercial distribution started

1 May, 2016

After a careful path in the elaboration and production of the first Ocean Plates models, the distribution of Ocean Plates in Portuguese territory has begun.

International Expansion

1 June, 2016

The international distribution of Ocean Plates in Capo Verde is commenced.

Conquest of 100 points of sale in Portugal

9 November, 2016

Creation of new models and sizes Ocean Plates

3 October, 2017

After the first experiences and gaining more know-how, Ocean Plates starts to create new models of boards, creating a new line of MINI & Micro boards.

We strive daily to present you with continuous and highly differentiated news. Thus, it is the objective of Ocean Plates, in the future, to present to you a vast number of collections of the most varied types of plaques, from Souvenir plates of various tourist destinations such as innovative collections of Gift models.

All Ocean Plates models, be they Souvenir, be they Gift, are elaborated carefully from the first step: the conception of the idea. From there, meticulous marketing studies are developed that ensure the correct market response, the design is developed in detail so that the layout of the model can stand out, emphasizing our so typical vibrant colors and differentiated illustrations. The entire production process is monitored closely, so as to ensure the quality of the product. Thus, it is our belief and mission, the Ocean Plates guarantee of delivering superior products at a competitive price.